Like a Lion {David Crowder band}

Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold
To see a revolution somehow.
Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold
To bring a revolution somehow

Pre- chorus
Now I’m lost in your freedom
This world I’ll overcome.

My God is not dead
He’s surely alive
He’s living on the inside
Roaring like a lion

Verse 2:
Let hope arise and make the darkness hide
My faith is dead
I need a resurrection somehow

Let Heaven roar and fire fall
Come shake the ground
With the sound of revival

Here’s sharing with you guys one of my favorite songs that we sing in church.  It’s safe to say that this is one of my “theme songs” of my life in this season. 🙂 Enjoy!  OUR GOD IS ALIVE.  HE’S LIVING ON THE INSIDE ROARING LIKE A LION! Isn’t that just awesome and oh so mind-blowing!? 🙂

I could listen to this song for hours and sing this song over my nation whenever I’m so tempted to wallow in self-pity and hopeless just by looking at the social realities that “accost” me whenever I go out into the streets.

The teenagers who are strong but choose to beg in the streets.  Those two young high school students who flagrantly disobey traffic rules and walk across the flyover inspite of the speeding jeepneys and cars without a care.  The conductor and the jeepney driver who obey traffic rules only when the traffic enforcer is there and when he’s not around, ignore the traffic signs and lights.  When I see these things, despair floods my heart. Why? When we were in college, my sister and I were convinced that the traffic behavior and attitudes of a nation reflect its culture and how we look at authority, submission and obedience.  This was confirmed when a study came out about this.

But God…as always, without fail, tells me “don’t look at the physical.  Call out things that are not as though they are.  Set your eyes on heavenly things.”

Thank God for His Word or else I would have said things that would have put another nail on the coffin called “Philippines” but I refuse to dwell on what I see and believe that this nation has hope and that one day – soon – God is going to visit my beloved Philippines and turn it upside down, right side up.  I am hoping, believing and praying.  We need a love that is so bold that it will bring a revolution in this nation. Yes, I’m seeing trickles of change in the land now but I’m praying for a revolution that will bring radical change in the roots of our culture, our thoughts and our identity as a people.


A Dayspring Fan

Ever since I stumbled on the Dayspring website more than 5 to 6 years ago, I have been hooked.  I love how they spread God’s love and promises in different types of media!

One new discovery for me, though, is Dayspring’s products that go beyond e-cards.  I can spend quite a long time just looking through their very wide range of choices from wall art to planners to bags and mugs.

I’d like to share two products that spoke volumes to me when I came across them tonight.  Timely reminders that God IS A GOD WHO KEEPS HIS WORD. 😉

Via Dayspring Wall Art

Via Dayspring Wall Art {Blessed series}

9.11.11 {faith}

MUCH-NEEDED BITS & PIECES from Nap’s preaching tonight

1.  The weapon that was forged by the enemy for your destruction will be your weapon of choice to fight ’til you have the victory.  David started using Goliath’s sword to fight his battles at a time when he was running from Saul.  From then on, he used that sword whenever he would fight.

2.  This is the beginning of a new season where we will stop mourning over what we have lost and start expecting for what God has in store for us.

from Rich Howell's pinterest

3.  If you know of people who are fighting a battle or are wearing heavy, long faces, it only means that they’re up for a promotion.  Breakthrough only comes after a fight.

4.  2 Words for today:  LEVEL UP!

5.  ALONE:  Daniel in the lions’ den, Joseph in prison, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane…They were alone with God during the very moment when they were on their way to victory.  (1 Samuel 21)


*Nap talked about declaring God’s word and promises over our lives even if our emotions may not feel like it.  I was teary-eyed listening to him.  Earlier that afternoon, I had felt like a hypocrite as my feelings were not exactly aligned to the word of God.  After the worship, he released words of encouragement and one went like this “it’s not being hypocritical if you speak God’s word over your life even if you may not feel like it because you’re standing on something – His Word.”  You declare it until you see it come to pass; until it becomes real in your life.

Good thing God gave me a few passages from His word before the service that breathed hope into my weary soul. The verses He gave were the only reasons I could dance, sing and shout out my praise and worship to Him.  I was worshiping by faith because everything inside of me was screaming otherwise.

I may not feel and look like I’m there but “It is finished” and “He already has the victory.”  I will trust Him on that.  I will hope against hope that He is faithful to complete and finish what He has started in me.

image via here

P.S.  Just found out that in my NASB version, Ecclesiastes 3:11 reads “He has made everything appropriate in its time.”  a WOW-Now word.

still hopin’ and praying

I was so sure Bro. Eddie would win. I had no doubts. Call me childish or childlike but I sure believed he was winnable and that the Filipinos would see the need to vote in righteousness and justice into office. The Filipinos proved me wrong.

When the votes were counted and Noynoy and Erap were at the top of the list, I could not believe it. In my anger, I raged against GMA, Gwen and I could not help but ask God “why?” It was all so obvious, the May 2010 elections were a make-or-break event but Filipinos still continued to vote for a Gwen, a GMA, an Ecleo, a Faustino Dy over a Padaca. My logical mind could not comprehend why of all the senatoriables, it was Estrada and Revilla who topped the lists. ??? Why did Bongbong Marcos make it to the top 12? Have they forgottten what Papa and Mama Marcos did in the 70s? It was surreal.

I really felt a bit down and angry – super mad – about the election results especially with Gwen winning as Governor again instead of Jun Davide. All my whys have no answers at this time. I had to include Gwen and GMA in the list of people I had to forgive before I took communion tonight. (sigh)

Maybe, just maybe, if I weren’t a Christian, I would have stormed the gates of Malacanang as a suicide bomber. But then during worship tonight, God spoke just one statement to me that made me cry and took away the heaviness and despair. He said “LET MY WORD PREVAIL OVER ALL THE VOICES IN THIS NATION.” Listen to My Word over the despair that you feel over the election results. Listen to My Promises that one day this nation will change. Listen to My Word that I hold everything in my hands.” That gave me peace. Peace to believe that things are not as hopeless and worse as it looks whenever I’m reminded of the fact that Gwen is still governor. (sigh) Help me Lord to forgive.

And His Word reminds me that I have no right to point fingers at the corrupt and unrighteous because if it weren’t for Him I’d just be like one of them. It’s only the Blood of Jesus that sets me apart from them. Maybe if I weren’t a Christian, I’d either be a suicide bomber or a corrupt politician. And it’s only because of the Blood and Cross of Jesus Christ that I’m neither of the two. Lord, teach me to be merciful like You.

So I’m still hopeful and will continue to pray that this nation would turn back to God.