Perfect Love

In the world, love is highly celebrated, extolled and talked about on Valentine’s Day.  In God’s Kingdom, love is a lifestyle.  It is our Heavenly Father’s banner over us.  That is also the lens He uses to look at you and me.  L.O.V.E.  Such a short, four-letter word but oh so powerful when we really ponder on and walk in LOVE.

Think about it.  People jump in and take the risk to commit and say “I Do” all in the name of love.  We do crazy things {at times} and the most extravagant of things for the ones we love.  Powerful.  It makes us step out of our comfort zones and go into the deep end.

Yes, we express our love in so many different ways yet inspite of all our efforts our love does not even come close to God’s perfect agape love.  The love that is unconditional.  The “as is” love as Sean Si, a blogger, puts it.  God loves us “as is”, without strings attached and without conditions.  He does not love us just because we’re  _______ {fill in the blanks:  good, beautiful, smart, etc.} or He loves us if __________ {fill in the blanks again:  you love me back, you’re always pretty, always nice, etc.}

No, sir, ma’am!  He loves us plainly because that is His nature.  God is love.  And in that love there is no hidden agenda except to love and give what’s best for us.  Sometimes my finite human mind cannot comprehend such love but I’m writing this now because these days this is what God’s been teaching me a lot –  I can’t say I’m there yet meaning I’ve really gotten it but day by day God is slowly showing me the depths and the facets of His love.

Tonight as I was reading through the prophetic words in Elijah List, a post blew me away as it captured the lessons that God was teaching me.  Here’s an excerpt I want to share with you guys.

You and I are loved.  More than we’ll ever understand.  It’ll surely take a lifetime for us to comprehend it as it is so deep, wide and oh so extravagant but we do have eternity to know God more and to bask in His love.  And when we get a deeper revelation of His love, our lives will automatically reflect the love that our Heavenly Daddy has given us.  It will touch the lives of the people around us because we’ve been transformed by a love that’s divine.

From a word by Bill Yount:

Years ago, I was frustrated because the Lord didn’t answer a certain prayer the way I thought He would. I confess that I was not only frustrated but I was mad at God all day as I struggled with it. That night as I was about to go to sleep the Lord began to speak to me very clearly concerning a church where I would be ministering the following Sunday. I was surprised He was even speaking to me since I was upset with Him that whole day and didn’t even talk to Him. I asked the Lord, “How come You are talking to me like this when you know I have been mad at You all day?” The Lord responded, “Son, you may be mad at Me, but I’m not mad at you! My love is different than yours. I love you whether you love Me or not. I love you no matter what!” I repented immediately, seeing myself the way He sees me and yet still loves me. I’m learning that God not only loves us, He even likes us!  – Bill Yount, “Throw Down Your Stones“, Elijah List word, 08 May 2012


A New One

Sometimes you just have to let go of the familiar and the safe  or what you’ve been used to to see what’s on the other side.

You will never get on a new path or start a new journey if you do not say goodbye to the old.

And once you’ve said goodbye, burn your bridges. Burn the ships. No Plan Bs.

Cut clean.  Start anew.

All you have to do now is to look and move forward. What’s waiting on the horizon is far greater than what you’ve let go. 🙂

{Just something I learned this season}