First Outfit post: The Schoolmarm

So, please give me a chance.  I’m trying my hand on this thing called “personal style blogging”.  I know the photos are at their rawest, unedited form.  I have yet to learn taking those outfit posts I’ve seen in fashion blogs in blogosphere.

Here is my first outfit post on my teaching clothes.  Just a test post. 🙂

This is how I look like when teaching Philippine History every Tuesday and Friday afternoons in a conservative college in the metro.

When I first taught in a university, I was 20 years old then and I hated how conservative my Mom was when it came to teaching clothes.  I had graduated from a state university that is known as the “bastion of liberalism” here in the Philippines (the University of the Philippines Diliman) and, of course, a dress code was almost close to non-existent.  Some professors would come to class wearing slippers, shorts and a shirt, much to my mom’s dismay, while some students went to school wearing the skimpiest of shorts or the weirdest outfit.  The mentality in Diliman was that your brains and your acads (academics) were more important than what you wore.  It was the substance rather than the form that was important, as they put it.  I had a lot of learning and growing up to do back then.  I can still see my mom trying to hide her “horrified” look when her eldest daughter came home every semester break wearing short shorts and flip flops to the mall or to family dinners.  I knew she tried hard not to make a comment at that time though her face still said a lot of words.  Mommy, thank you for being so patient! 🙂

Now that I’m teaching again I realized that there was wisdom in what my mom constantly hammered into us about modesty, respect and style.  Being stylish does not necessarily mean showing off flesh or all the blings in the world but it’s about mixing and matching and dressing appropriatelyAs my dad told me, it’s about respecting and honoring your audience, that means my class, even in a minor thing such as a teaching outfit.  In my parents’ opinion, how you present yourself is already a peek of a bit of who you are.  Propriety, propriety, that’s what they keep telling me.  And today, I guess I’m already ready to listen to them.

Gone are the days when I would go off to class wearing something inappropriate {like an ultra-fit and clingy shirt dress} just to spite my mom and her conservative style.  Back then I was a few pounds lighter and I kept pushing the dress code limits of the conservative, Catholic university where I once taught.  This university was a far cry from the liberal University I had graduated from.  It was quite a culture shock for me to go through the doors of the school with the guards checking the length of my skirt or see if my blouse was too sheer for the students’ sanity.  I enjoyed breaking a dress code or two while I was there.  Yeah, so much for being a role model, huh.  Oh, the folly of youth…that’s what comes to my mind when I think about those days. 🙂

Now, I am learning to take her advice but add my own twist to it.  And with that, our styles have melded and the teaching wardrobe has stopped becoming the “mom-yen war room”.  Today, I understand that boundaries and dress codes are there not merely for your own benefit but for others’ sake. 🙂

How about you?  Have you tried resisting conforming to your mom’s style when you were younger?


teaching style

loose skirt by Mango

Ever since Ms. D invited me to teach one History subject at STC, I couldn’t help but be excited

to shop for teaching clothes again.  That was one of the favorite things I looked forward to when I was

teaching college students almost ten years ago.  Teaching clothes!  I can’t wait to don those old-fashioned skirts and blouses with high heels again.

Teaching preschoolers had me wearing my high heels only on weekends since wanting to look tall-er and good are not exactly good reasons to wear them especially when you think about the probability of you stepping on those cute li’l toes.

Starting this June though, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 in the afternoon, I guess I’ll have to shed off my ballet flats and slip on that high heels and knee-length skirts (since it’s a school run by nuns) as I mold older kids’ minds to know more about their heritage and Philippine social realities.

Gray Bird's Eye Skirt by Zara

I’m excited.  Ms. D sent me an SMS early this morning if I was available to meet the new dean tomorrow morning.  🙂  I’ve to finish that course outline by next week as school starts on the 13th of June while my preschool classes start next month on the 6th.  It’ll probably be a challenge teaching 2.5 – 3.5 year olds the whole week and teaching teenagers twice a week in the afternoons.  Now how’s that for super adjustment? 😉

Black Sheath Skirt by Zara


P.S. – It may seem crazy  but I’ve always hated looking like a teacher.  For the longest time I dressed up in total opposition to the epitome of the conservative schoolmarm.  Oh well, I guess, one has to accept that teachers do need to look conservative and sharp at the same time.  But I still won’t say goodbye to bright colors and instead I’ll just mix and match them with muted and neutral colors to get that teachery look without looking like a neon sign inside the classroom.

Jonathan Saunders Padbury Striped Skirt

Moschino Ruched Linen Blend Skirt

Chinti and Parker striped organic cotton skirt

*Skirts from Zara Philippines, Mango Philippines and Net-a-Porter websites

NO FB: private, different & tangled


Definition: uncoventional, free-sprited person

Well, the non-conformist and privacy freak in me strikes again.  FYI, my FB account is non-existent at the moment.  Lots of reasons to be exact.  One of them, though, is the privacy issue.  Ironic, huh, for someone writing her thoughts on a public WordPress blog.  It’s just that only a number know about this blog so it’s safe.

Second, I want to see if a 21st century person can survive and go through life without a social network.  Everything’s connected, right, but I want to check if I can still live and enjoy life sans my FB account.  I still have plans of making a new account but a very private one but not for now.  To be honest about it, I kinda enjoy this time without my account.

tangled, private & different

As for that non-conformist thing, I’ve decided to grow my hair long with its curls and I had it colored a week ago.  One day I just woke up and realized that there were too many girls with straight hair.  So I had my hair really layered and colored that John Famoso calls it Rapunzel’s Tangled ‘do when it was cut while Nap likens it to Kate the Wolf’s hair in Alpha & Omega. LOL! It’s okay as long as it’s different.

Oh, well, then again maybe these are just issues and whatever.  🙂

Pictorials were postponed last Friday because of the we had one in the classroom instead 🙂

with my "favorite"

all the cuties with Teachers