An abnormal normal

Waiting for my turn to vote last May 10, 2010 opened my eyes to the everyday circumstances that most of the Filipino schoolchildren face. While some of the more fortunate kids get to study inside airconditioned rooms, carpeted floors and newly-painted walls, the students in public schools still sit on the very desks that my parents sat on while they were in their elementary years.

I find it ironic that most of the Filipino populace flock to public schools every three or six years to choose a new batch of leaders who have vowed to serve the people but yet fail to act accordingly by coming up with programs to improve the public school system. Is it apathy or just the usual turning of the head to escape reality? Have we become callous and desensitized to the abnormalities of the public schools and have called them normal? It pains me to see that what should be called a horrible reality is a part of normal, everyday school life. Poverty, corruption and the political situation have all blinded us and allowed us to accept these worn, tired, rotting wooden desks inside shabby classrooms manned by tired and underpaid teachers.

There is a different reality out there for these Filipino kids. We must seek to see that change and reality take place in our generation today.