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Most of the things in the Kingdom do not necessarily start out by feeling but by the Word of God.  Remember how God created the world and you and me?  Or how the Word became flesh so He could dwell among us?  Words have so much power.

Tonight, I told God that even if I might not feel the emotions of what He told me to do, I will obey because He is more important than how I feel.  Will I let how I feel get in the way of God and my relationship with Him?  I realize that I’d have to give up this issue so that there won’t be any obstacle between me and my Jesus.

Jesus is worth it all.

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He honors our obedience; knows how frail we are.  His grace is indeed sufficient.  And you know what, there is always grace and forgiveness at the throne room.  That and love, mercy, healing and life. (:

Let the Healing Begin by 4Him

I’m tired of these walls
That have held my captive heart
And I’m ready for the change
To come and reach me through these scars

I long to hear You speak
Sweet peace into my soul
Reach into the depths that no one knows
Let Your healing waters flow,
‘Cause I’m…

Moving on, to better days
Let the healing begin
Up ahead, I can hear You call my name
Let the healing begin
Let the healing begin

Your love for me is deep
And Your mercy is so wide
Somehow you reach beyond the boundaries
Of all my foolish pride

So come and wash away these things
That have held me to my past
‘Cause Jesus You’re the one and only one
that can set me free at last, ’cause I’m…


Let it rain down (whoa let it rain down on me)
Let it rain down
Don’t you know it’s time for me to be


Thank you, Dad

for that book on Forgiveness.  I forgave this weekend.  It feels light.  But it is also an everyday decision and a choice by faith.

(for the record, my dad bought us a book last Friday night and I know it was God who orchestrated it.  My dad knows what I’m going through and my Daddy in heaven made sure he found that book in Booksale.)

You know what?! After the breakthrough, I received a very special treat from my Daddy in heaven. A Red Box night out with Happy, Michelle, Mitzil & Shobe!

severe mercies

I’ve been studying the word “mercy” ever since T. Jane and I were talking about something and she shared about her theo classes at BTS (Baptist Theological Seminary).  Her words struck me very much like the sword the Bible is really known to be.

J:  T. Yen, we’re studying about mercy last week… And you know di ba it’s something we don’t deserve.  Something we ought not to have but is given to us that we don’t deserve.  If God weren’t merciful we would have been wiped out long ago but it’s His mercy, His lovingkindness that holds us.


Me:  (thinking:  Whoa! Lord, even here in school, you won’t relent from teaching me about being merciful, huh.  I think I’m starting to get it.)

mercy ~ (A) ~ God’s love to people; when he does not remember the bad things that we do.

mercy ~ (A) ~ to be kind when you do not have to be kind.

(mine:  when you don’t want to be kind to a person who has hurt you)

mercy ~ (A) ~ when we are kind and help a person who does wrong; we do it to show that God loves them.

mercy ~ (B) ~ the love that God shows when he forgives.

Oh, Lord.  Help me to be merciful.  What T. Jane said yesterday and the dream You gave me last night has set my mind and heart on the way You want me to take.  I need a thousand helps, please, Lord Jesus.

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Reagan on letting go, letting God

Today is Teachers’ Day at DC and so we had a one-day break. I had a good talk with Nap in Banawa this afternoon and afterwards read a very loving albeit wisely put email from my spiritual mama – Tita Nene – straight from Dubai. The former’s spoken words and the latter’s written words bore truth, wisdom and good sense seasoned with love. Yes, it’s not always easy to accept truth especially when it hurts but if we accept it, it will make us grow up and see the things we never saw (or perhaps did not want to see) or rather, our blind spots as Ate Sal calls it.:) It is good to be covered and to stay under cover.

Tonight I chanced upon an article written by Patti Davis (President Reagan’s daughter) in the Time Magazine website about her dad and the last paragraph about Reagan struck me hard. She wrote that: He was not a perfect man. He was not a perfect father. But he tried to reach higher, to understand what God wanted of him. This strongly reminds me of the verse Acts 13:36 – For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep and was laid with his fathers…(English Standard Version). Think about if at least 1/4 of our politicians thought that way. That they ran for office because they wanted to serve the purpose of God in their generation in our nation. JUST IMAGINE THAT.

But this thinking is not only for the politicians but for every son and daughter of God. Think about if every day of my life, I’d go to school thinking how I could serve the purpose of God in my generation. It would absolutely revolutionize this nation if every single disciple thought like this. Oh, God, help me think this way instead of being caught up with side issues.

Patti also shared about a coin her father often kept in his pocket that had the words “let go and let God.” How apt! 🙂 To read that line in a secular magazine such as Time tells me God is telling me something very important – forgive and let Him be the one to justify and take care of some stuff. Okay, Lord.

So the next time I’m tempted to…, I’ll just remember Reagan’s coin.  Oh, by the way, I loved My Amnesia Girl! 😉 Thanks to Jazz’s post about watching it, curiosity got the better part of me. My mom and I had a great time bonding last night listening to Toni and John Lloyd’s really corny lines.  😉

okay, okay, I would have loved to throw that red-circled line at the person...but God...okay Lord I get it.