happy weekend! {teaching thoughts}

If you’re a teacher you can probably relate with me on this.  Have you ever wondered – while you’re giving a lecture and looking at your students listen to you some with feigned attentiveness, some with real attention on your subject and some not caring at all about the subject – how to get them to go beyond the subject and relate it to life?  This week, the same question kept running through my mind “Lord, how do I teach these college students to love this nation?”  Tonight while I was typing those words another line haunted me:  “Lord, does my life and teaching lead my students to You?”  This question started coming back to me after I read an online article about Finding God in the Classroom in a Christian education website.

Lord, I want to put a smile on Your face by my teaching.  Help me to connect with these students and to leave an eternal legacy to them not just about History but moreso about You and the things that really matter.

By the way, I love the movie Freedom Writers.  I got to watch it again this morning in my Educ class and it still moved me to tears.  I want to be a teacher who can touch hearts and bring them to God and impart a love for this nation.  I believe with all my heart that it is only when hearts are changed by God that this nation will see change and real development.  So Lord, give me eyes and wings though I know much of the battle will first have to be won on my knees.


STC stint

Even now I am still amazed at how God moved on my behalf for this stint at STC.  It was not something I had planned or even thought about.  Okay, maybe for a split second I thought about it once last year but it was never a serious one.  Oh, the suddenlies of God!

It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I was finishing off my lesson plan simulation.  The three nights before that were toxic.  I could not move and make my lesson plan from scratch.  How was I to do it?  The thought of making a plan was daunting to me.  It was Saturday morning that I finished off in the physical what my mind had only outlined and conceived.  I wanted to chicken out and skip class but then I remembered that nobody wins a battle or the war by running away.  I decided to go.

Good thing I went and presented my lesson.  Ms. D asked me after my simulation {out of  curiosity} how I deal with the younger ones since my demeanor and personality was for older kids, read:  college students.  She then asked me if I was interested in teaching college kids again since they were looking for a History teacher.  Wow!  I remember being ecstatic about it that I couldn’t give a very impressive or coherent response.  Overwhelmed was one word that described how I felt.  I knew it was a God-thing.  I had already laid that desire down at the altar and told Him I would follow Him where He’ll take me.  I had not dreamt that I would, one day, go back to teaching young people again though deep in my heart I had always told Him I still wanted to do so.

with my Nursery kids reading a tale about fishes and sharks

So there, God is bringing me to new places, new people and new experiences.  One thing that strikes me now is that it truly is effortless.  It was Ms. D who contacted the registrar.  I told myself that if M. would give her “yes” to this then this is God.  My co-teacher, Teacher M. told me that it sounded impossible that M. would allow me to teach in another school.  Lo and behold, when M. replied her words were very positive, supportive and encouraging.  I was dumbfounded.  God truly works in ways that are higher than what we can think of or even imagine.

This week, God told me during worship that it’s all about Him and His Kingdom and what He wants to do through me at STC and in this generation.  Yes, there are things He has asked me to give up but – step by step – I’m seeing that it is because He has plans and agendas that need to be laid out before a generation and a nation and sometimes the things that are precious to me get in His way. 🙂

One more thing:  God redeems and He is a God who gives us a million chances again.  He redeemed and continues to redeem my mistakes at DC almost four years ago and now He is redeeming my loss and failure in teaching in the college level again.  This time I have learned not to take His blessings lightly and take them for granted.

How do we change a nation?

The May 10, 2010 elections is fast approaching.  It’ll be my first time to vote.  After 12 years since I became of legal age, this is my first time.  I am both excited since this will be the first automated polls in the country and, at the same time, apprehensive.

I’m not sure I want to vote.  When I look at the candidates, I am reminded of the saying “between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

My heart cries “Lord, where will change come from?”  And that’s how God got me.  I was looking to men for change instead of looking to Him to change this nation.

This has always been a constant question in my mind whenever I’m praying or talking to God:  How do we change the Philippines?  How can we change the hearts of men and women in government and in the grassroots?

I don’t think it’ll be sipag at tiyaga nor galing at talino or pedigree that will transform this nation.  The solution has always been God.

Programs, well-crafted policies and decrees will fail if the hearts of men remain corrupt.  Hearts won’t change unless there are God-encounters.

It is only when the River of God flows through this nation and the fire from heaven burns the injustice, the corruption and the deviousness in our hearts that this nation will see change come to this land.

Lord, we really need you.  I need to fast and pray for the coming elections.