unexpectedly new

Sometimes change happens over a long period of time.  Some things, though, take place in a split second or in a week.  Some changes come as a surprise.  There’s no sign for some.  Something new happened this week.  One particular prayer was answered.

For almost a year now, I’ve been praying that God would give me a group of women I can share His word with and study the bible with.  It’s amazing how God gave me the people I least unexpected in ways I did not even imagine. One thing’s for sure:  He truly gave me the desires of my heart. And so if you’ve noticed that this blog’s name is now Matt. 6:33, it’s because this is the word that God has so deeply impressed upon me in this season.

For weeks before this group came into being, God had given me Psalm 47 and I just jotted it down on my journal though the meaning did not really come to me right away.  It was only after our second meeting with this group that God told me that was what He meant.  That it is He who chooses our “inheritance” for us.


our first meeting, Mr Coffee Ayala

I remember last year someone suggested that I start a cell group.  There were a lot of girls in church that needed an “ate”.  I told him that I was praying for one but that I did not want to rush into things.  I wanted God to do it His way, in His time and His appointed people. Maybe this bible study group could be it.  So far, the circumstances have seemed effortless and easy.  Of course, it is a step out of my comfort zone because it is an addition to my sked but there is joy, grace and, to borrow Milan Kundera’s title, an “unbearable lightness of being.” 🙂


at Maitre Chocolatier

When I got home after our second meeting, I ran to God in the solitude of my room.  There was just an indescribable outpouring of love for these women that I have connected with and even for the other two that I meet on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons separately.  I now understood Tita Nene’s desire as a spiritual mom to see her daughters in the Lord grow and become who they are in Christ.  I’ve never felt that way.  I will always cherish what Tita Nene wrote in her email thanking me during her birthday that I was a “daughter in the Lord.”

I cannot comprehend everything that I see right now.  All I know is that God is teaching me to yield, surrender and just let Him have everything and let Him have the say in my life.

P.S.  Of course, only God knows if this bible study group will become a cell group.  Nevertheless, my prayer for these women is that they would know Jesus and be the women He originally intended for them to be.  And I’ve made up my mind to wait for God’s go signal (through Tita) and not go one step ahead or backward.  In God’s Kingdom, timing is everything.

Ecclesiastes 8:5-6 – A wise person does the right thing at the right time. There is a right time and a right way for everything.


An abnormal normal

Waiting for my turn to vote last May 10, 2010 opened my eyes to the everyday circumstances that most of the Filipino schoolchildren face. While some of the more fortunate kids get to study inside airconditioned rooms, carpeted floors and newly-painted walls, the students in public schools still sit on the very desks that my parents sat on while they were in their elementary years.

I find it ironic that most of the Filipino populace flock to public schools every three or six years to choose a new batch of leaders who have vowed to serve the people but yet fail to act accordingly by coming up with programs to improve the public school system. Is it apathy or just the usual turning of the head to escape reality? Have we become callous and desensitized to the abnormalities of the public schools and have called them normal? It pains me to see that what should be called a horrible reality is a part of normal, everyday school life. Poverty, corruption and the political situation have all blinded us and allowed us to accept these worn, tired, rotting wooden desks inside shabby classrooms manned by tired and underpaid teachers.

There is a different reality out there for these Filipino kids. We must seek to see that change and reality take place in our generation today.