Happy Week!!! {faith, hope and trust}

He makes all things beautiful in His time (:





Teacher! You’re not helping me…

…and so went the line of A., my Korean boy who’s in my Creative Writing Class for Prep kids.

Teacher Yen:  I’m helping you, An., but you keep saying it’s “difficult” that’s why it becomes difficult.

*And then, like a spotlight, the Holy Spirit showed me countless times I would doubt (though I didn’t say it) if things would come to pass or think about how difficult a situation is that it’s totally beyond God to move in the midst of it.

Oh, I was no different from this little boy sitting on my lap.  I had made it a point to have him sit on my lap so he’d know that I would help him one-on-one but it seemed as if he still thought I wasn’t helping him at all. *

A.:  Teacher, you’re not a teacher.  You’re not helping me.  (And this was after I spelled out the words that he needed in writing.  He didn’t seem to see the words I had scribbled on the paper).

I’m no different from him, Father.  Thank you for using an adorable, hyperactive, Korean boy to speak to me about trusting You.