A New One

Sometimes you just have to let go of the familiar and the safe  or what you’ve been used to to see what’s on the other side.

You will never get on a new path or start a new journey if you do not say goodbye to the old.

And once you’ve said goodbye, burn your bridges. Burn the ships. No Plan Bs.

Cut clean.  Start anew.

All you have to do now is to look and move forward. What’s waiting on the horizon is far greater than what you’ve let go. 🙂

{Just something I learned this season}


new beginnings

It’s amazing how God gives us new beginnings every single day!  But it is a choice on our part to receive that new slate each day.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for the Cross that gives us a chance for new beginnings.  Selah.

Crocolandia field trip, SY 2010-2011

Camp Zoo-kah Summer 2011

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. — Psalm 119:114