Overwhelmed by Love

The love of God is so overwhelming.

It is the kind of love that transforms sinners into saints and calls back the prodigals home.

Nothing we’ll ever do will make Him love us less. It’s as perfect as perfect can be.

It does not love during the good times only but remains steadfast even when we’re at our lowest point, inspite the failures, wrong choices and what-have-yous.

Jesus continues to love.

He’ll whisper it to you while you’re walking, show it to you as you share His Word with someone in need of healing, He’ll write it in BIG letters up in the sky for all the world to see.

But the greatest demonstration of Christ’s love was on two pieces of wood, shaped as a Cross.

He didn’t only say it, write it, sing over us, shower us with gifts as lovers are wont to do, He did all those and beyond that…

Jesus gave His life. Willingly. With joy.

That, my friends, is what real love is.

Today, as His love overwhelms me that it just almost makes my heart burst, I feel myself loving Him more and more.

We love because He first loved us. 🙂



a very special day!

We had a very wonderful day in one of our parents’ farm up, up and away in the lush, rolling, green mountains of Cebu. 🙂 Oh, how the kids loved it! The Special Day was designed by the school administration as an activity where busy parents spend half a day with their kids WITHOUT a yaya (nanny) or a sibling.  That’s the whole point of the Special Day though some parents still had their drivers and yayas in tow but it still went fine.  It was quite a day.  The kids and the adults had fun exploring the tree house, walking around to see the farm’s produce like basil, chives, Taiwanese pechay, beans to cite a few.

After the tour, the little ones enjoyed making their pizzas.  The parents were able to bond and spend a few hours with each other and got to know their fellow parents better.  Thank You, Jesus, for clear skies and Mr. Sun.:)

Have a wonderful week filled with God’s blessings and His sweet presence!  Hope you guys had a great first day of the week! 🙂