12 IN 2012

1.  Continue to paint. Hmm like every day.  Today I did four and found only two to my liking.

2.  If only I had the time I would like to write a children’s story and do the illustrations.  I’d like to write a story about Jesus, His love and His Kingdom in childlike terms.  Kinda like what Max Lucado wrote but more on the simple side like honoring parents, obeying God and Daddy and Mommy and being kind to cite a few themes.

3.  I’d like to start making  birthday or greeting cards regularly {handmade in watercolor + Sharpies}.  I’m thinking of making one for my sister for her birthday this July. 🙂 Cards that celebrate God’s faithfulness and mercy for you and for me!

4.  Make or paint artworks, bookmarks and note pads of flowers {‘coz they’re easy} and landscapes with Bible verses or quotable quotes about God, His love, His goodness and faithfulness!

5.  Go back to learning how to play the piano.  As soon as my schedule and budget will permit me, I’ll start to enroll in piano lessons. 🙂 tee hee!

6.  Ask my mom to let me do the laundry, rather, teach me how to use the washing machine.  Why?  My mom is an OC when it comes to washing clothes.  She never and I repeat never wants any other hand than hers to touch our clothes.  She does not trust anyone to do the laundry.  Well, I understand.  IMO, she’s the best laundrywoman there is.  Our clothes always smell fresh and clean since she washes them two to three times with soap before rinsing.  Imagine the hours she puts in, huh.

7.  Continue to write and do research about Cebuano history.  Just tidbits and pieces just to keep my historian-side-of-the-brain sharpened while I am on hiatus as a History teacher this season.

8.  Pray and Wait. 🙂

9.  Finally come up with a project plan or a framework for that daycare dream that’s burning in my heart.  Okay, the secret’s out.  I still dream of starting that daycare where parents who cannot afford the more expensive preschool setup can send their kids to school.  My friend and I are thinking of charging them like P300/month for 10 months.  The miracle here is to keep that rate and still come up with a good facility, resources and supplies for the kids.  That said I’ve yet to go to DSWS or the LGU where I’m part of to ask for the requirements.

10.  Pursue or enroll in graduate studies in Education next semester.

11.  Write my Jeepney Chronicles consistently.  Say like every week, perhaps?

12.  As early as now {June to July}, I’d like to scour the city particularly in Freedom Park for something I can paint on or decorate so I can give ’em as Christmas gifts.  Still thinking and looking at this time.

Wow, thinking about what to do is something but I think writing and stating them is a different thing altogether.  It makes it doable just because you finally see it in visible terms instead of all these ideas just up in your head.

Habakkuk 2:2-3:  “…Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.  For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end – it will not lie.  If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” – ESV


stylish momma

A Mischmashed Life

I’ve always loved reading fashion blogs and stuff about arts and crafts and anything for kids since I teach preschoolers in a school somewhere in the metro.  I’m not a mom yet nor am I married but I stumbled on this very interesting, inspiring, lighthearted and love-filled (as described by one of her blog friends) site called A Mischmashed Life.

It’s a good example of parenting in style {literally}.  I’ve learned so many things just by reading her posts that I’ve stopped visiting the fashion blog I once followed religiously for a good couple of months and switched to reading her constantly updated site, voraciously reading her previous posts.  She’s one prolific writer, stylist and savvy businesswoman rolled into one!  But I think the highlight of the blog is this über chic mom’s sidekick:  her super adorable daughter, Mischka who reminds me of the kids in my class and my beloved niece, Anna. 🙂

Anna and the Queen

my favorite pic of the lovely Princess Anna and the Queen 🙂

Check out her First Year Anniversary Give-away!  It looks interestingly yummy!  One Mikka Padua pouch up for grabs!

Phoebe Envelope Cluth in Rainbow colors by Mikka Padua

unraveling realities

A Freshly Pressed post caught my eye as I logged in today.  The one written by a mom in pajamas about the lessons her daughter learned from gymnastics.  I clicked on her post and I was hooked!  I checked out her site and links and, interestingly, found a beautiful post about her husband and a link to her mom’s blog.  I loved the freshness of their writing, the transparency and how they’ve crafted their posts writing about heartwarming, important stuff about life, love, marriage and relationships.  I wish I could write that way – open, sincere, not hiding anything at all.

While reading pajama’s post about her husband, I couldn’t help but sigh and exclaim, “I wish I could write that way about heart issues and stuff!” to which my sassy, young co-teacher replied “You can write about your (not-so-happy) experiences too, Teach, because a lot of readers can connect with things like that, too.”  Hmm, I’ll think about it.  Think hard.

It still is a challenge to unravel the realities of how I really feel in the inside here in this blog though I know that the ones who visit this site are some of the people I’m most comfortable with.