just that time…

…of the month

when my heart skips, beats a little faster…

and betrays me.  This has to stop.

{photo from here}


coke zero-ed

I’m still wide awake at this time (1.12 am) because of the Coke Zero that I drank last night while having dinner with Ann at Dessert Factory.  And as a result, my mind is a-twirling, whirring with a lot of thoughts.  One word keeps running through my Coke-d mind:  A. and R.

There are just things that are beyond arm’s length (figuratively).  I guess my Mom’s right (again).  Just flow with the Holy Spirit instead of resisting it.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions but I guess the answers still elude me.  Or perhaps, they are already there.  I just chose to look the other way. 🙂