for mitch’s…cat eyes

It was Mitch of Musings of a Queen who pointed out the Cat eye shades of the House of Harlow.  Tonight while I was bloghoppin’, I saw them again.  I guess these pairs are all the rage these days, huh?  Mitch, here goes another pic of them shades that you love.

as seen on Nicole Richie

seen here

via Stripes and Sequins

Do you know how much this House of Harlow pair costs?  In Philippine peso it’s P6,042.69 according to the website.  Take that.  The House of Harlow (named after her daughter) was, in fact, started by Nicole Richie and a jeweler in 2008.

I just love their collection of vintage-like pairs of shades.



stylish momma

A Mischmashed Life

I’ve always loved reading fashion blogs and stuff about arts and crafts and anything for kids since I teach preschoolers in a school somewhere in the metro.  I’m not a mom yet nor am I married but I stumbled on this very interesting, inspiring, lighthearted and love-filled (as described by one of her blog friends) site called A Mischmashed Life.

It’s a good example of parenting in style {literally}.  I’ve learned so many things just by reading her posts that I’ve stopped visiting the fashion blog I once followed religiously for a good couple of months and switched to reading her constantly updated site, voraciously reading her previous posts.  She’s one prolific writer, stylist and savvy businesswoman rolled into one!  But I think the highlight of the blog is this über chic mom’s sidekick:  her super adorable daughter, Mischka who reminds me of the kids in my class and my beloved niece, Anna. 🙂

Anna and the Queen

my favorite pic of the lovely Princess Anna and the Queen 🙂

Check out her First Year Anniversary Give-away!  It looks interestingly yummy!  One Mikka Padua pouch up for grabs!

Phoebe Envelope Cluth in Rainbow colors by Mikka Padua

teaching style

loose skirt by Mango

Ever since Ms. D invited me to teach one History subject at STC, I couldn’t help but be excited

to shop for teaching clothes again.  That was one of the favorite things I looked forward to when I was

teaching college students almost ten years ago.  Teaching clothes!  I can’t wait to don those old-fashioned skirts and blouses with high heels again.

Teaching preschoolers had me wearing my high heels only on weekends since wanting to look tall-er and good are not exactly good reasons to wear them especially when you think about the probability of you stepping on those cute li’l toes.

Starting this June though, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 in the afternoon, I guess I’ll have to shed off my ballet flats and slip on that high heels and knee-length skirts (since it’s a school run by nuns) as I mold older kids’ minds to know more about their heritage and Philippine social realities.

Gray Bird's Eye Skirt by Zara

I’m excited.  Ms. D sent me an SMS early this morning if I was available to meet the new dean tomorrow morning.  🙂  I’ve to finish that course outline by next week as school starts on the 13th of June while my preschool classes start next month on the 6th.  It’ll probably be a challenge teaching 2.5 – 3.5 year olds the whole week and teaching teenagers twice a week in the afternoons.  Now how’s that for super adjustment? 😉

Black Sheath Skirt by Zara


P.S. – It may seem crazy  but I’ve always hated looking like a teacher.  For the longest time I dressed up in total opposition to the epitome of the conservative schoolmarm.  Oh well, I guess, one has to accept that teachers do need to look conservative and sharp at the same time.  But I still won’t say goodbye to bright colors and instead I’ll just mix and match them with muted and neutral colors to get that teachery look without looking like a neon sign inside the classroom.

Jonathan Saunders Padbury Striped Skirt

Moschino Ruched Linen Blend Skirt

Chinti and Parker striped organic cotton skirt

*Skirts from Zara Philippines, Mango Philippines and Net-a-Porter websites

mishmashed thoughts

This would look good with a yellow or green or pink cardigan -- sigh

Just got back from the mall where Mitzil and I spent a good two hours looking for the perfect dress for this Saturday’s Art Exhibit at DC.  Alas, I could not find the dress that could make my heart beat faster.  I’ve started looking for this full-skirted, bustier 1950s style of dress that I could wear with a black bolero since last December to no avail.  Instead, I found what I wanted in a Wedding website here in the internet tonight. 😉  I’ve until tomorrow evening to find that elusive dress. Maybe I’ll find that in my ever dependable and surprising downtown store. *wink!*

It’s a blessing how real, covenant friends allow you to let your hair down and just be.  I am reminded of the line from Proverbs “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”  Thank God He connected Mitzil to Happy and me not just spiritually but by affinity now.

Dream BIG. What dream did God give you?

While I was pondering on the previous post about Rebecca St. James getting engaged at 33, I could not help but think about the many dreams I have that I’ve been praying for.  One big dream I have is to see this nation change.  Second, is I’ll say this out loud now ‘coz God’s teaching me to be real with myself these days:  I want to marry that person whom I can fulfill God’s purposes in our generation together.   So this simply means that our purposes would have to be aligned.

I chanced upon this site: Delightfully Engaged 🙂 finding the right color board! LOL!

If only finding the right one was as easy...

Sweetly Delightful!!!

What a fresh motif! Soothing!

Like my prayer for my personal life, I’ve always asked God that my life would bring honor to Him even in my mistakes and weaknesses.  Likewise, I want Him to be glorified by every decision and choice I make.

Third, I pray that this country’s educational system would be revolutionized.  That a new generation of teachers who know God would rise up.  And that the public schools and its students would see new school buildings, a wide array (array jud!) of instructional materials and more classrooms and more classrooms!  Imagine that!