Snappin’ as I wait…

This season I am learning to wait.  I’m not talking about marriage {though I’m praying and waiting for that too} but waiting everyday.

Since I’m in a “new routine” in this time of my life, I’ve learned to wait for people I need to meet.  Learning to wait beyond my comfort zone.

And as I wait, I get to see different people each with their own stories to tell, paths taken and full schedules.

There’s the jeepney that’s always in a hurry.  Biyaheng-langit {Heaven-bound because its speed looks like it just wants to crash and burn} we call them.  Almost as if a cop or a rocket launcher is after them.  Always in a hurry.

A sharp contrast though to the rushing jeepneys are the passersby walking  – not on the sidewalk but on the main thoroughfare – without a care if the rushing jeepneys bump them or not.  Okay, I’m exaggerating.  Man, sidewalks were meant for walking.  But in this area where I often stand and wait, the sidewalk has become the hawker’s stall – where students from the public school buy a candy or two, a pack of junk food after class.

It’s an interesting scene.  There have been many times that I wished I had a point-and-shoot or a DSLR to snap photos of the varying facial expressions that pass me by every afternoon as I wait.

Most of them walk by – mothers with toddlers, a teacher in a hurry, two or three students on their way home.  A few smile.  Some look at me strangely as I go about taking pictures of the cars, shadows, the leaves and everything.  The picture-taking is probably a sign of boredom to them. 😉

But for me I am learning that one must enjoy the time of waiting and maximize what I can learn and get out of it.

I snap away.  I read an e-book on my phone.  I do some last minute reviews.  Once, I talked to the strangers who offered me a seat.  They probably took one glance at my heels and offered me the plastic chair.  The topiary and the beautiful potted plants catch my eye and I can’t help but feel happy and blessed, wondering how uniquely and intricately they were made by a loving God.

I continue to wait until I see the familiar car come out of the driveway and I rush into the car happy to have the waiting over.

But waiting time was surely not in vain. 🙂


Selah. What do you think?

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