my sister Happy with her kids Samuel and Anna (Fathers' Day 2010)

with Anna in one of our "art classes" last year

with the aunties (Aug 2010)

Happy's birthday July 2010

Nappy family's despedida *Sep 2010*

miss my Sunday School class, seriously (my kiddos last 2010)


my 2010 birthday celebration with Grace, Ann and Tabz


6 thoughts on “memories

  1. Loved that you shared your pictures with me! I’ve been away for two weeks and rarely remember to check my blog email account, so I didn’t even know you had invited me to this site. Salamat!

    • You’re welcome, Susan! I love the “salamat” touch! It’s so good to have you back at Coming East.:) I kept checking my calendar for Oct. 3 as I was looking forward to your posts. Have a happy and blessed weekend.

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