for mitch’s…cat eyes

It was Mitch of Musings of a Queen who pointed out the Cat eye shades of the House of Harlow.  Tonight while I was bloghoppin’, I saw them again.  I guess these pairs are all the rage these days, huh?  Mitch, here goes another pic of them shades that you love.

as seen on Nicole Richie

seen here

via Stripes and Sequins

Do you know how much this House of Harlow pair costs?  In Philippine peso it’s P6,042.69 according to the website.  Take that.  The House of Harlow (named after her daughter) was, in fact, started by Nicole Richie and a jeweler in 2008.

I just love their collection of vintage-like pairs of shades.



7 thoughts on “for mitch’s…cat eyes

    • Oh yeah, the sunnies are gorgeous! I didn’t know Nicole Richie had a fashion line ’til I checked the House of Harlow site. Thanks for dropping by, Jennifer. :)) Oh by the way, I checked out your blog and I love the outfit posts especially the ones on the 1940s style and Jason Wu’s.:))

    • hahaha had quite a good laugh, Riz, when I read your comment. ang mahal naman for a kid’s sunglasses. hah! i wanna listen to Pastor Jerome’s sermon regarding this. 🙂

  1. Wow! I just saw this. Hahaha. You posted something for me! I love it,its so pretty!Harlow is nicole’s first child 🙂 Its actually in the low to middle price range because gucci or chanel eyewear cost like 15k up to 50k pesos. But then again, considering that the shades I own now is only 300 pesos lol then this is a bit steep but if I was not resigning soon, I would have someone buy it for me in the US! Lol! You dont see really good opaque sunglasses here, overpriced rapud ang mga opticals! Anyways, thanks for posting tzi. I might buy this someday when I pass bythe US! Its good na I have a reference post. Lol! Mwah!

    • HWAT! 15-50K?! that’s like…my gosh. cheap ra jud diay ang Harlow if that’s the case. I know that Rayban has 14k++ shades but I didn’t know some brands could go as high as 50K.:)

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