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i would love to teach History in these heels! wooh!!!

{all images from pinterest}

Selah.  I’m thinking of quitting my part-time college teaching next semester as honestly I’m constantly exhausted physically from studying and grading papers until the wee hours of the morning.  It’s been taking a toll on my preschool teaching duties and responsibilities (my day job, so to speak). Also, I’ve noticed that time has seemed to become a luxury these days.  I miss going to the revival services every Tuesday – honestly.  Thinking and thinking.  They want me to teach two subjects this time.  A course on Philippine History and one on Jose Rizal.  What to do, God?  Need help and wisdom.  My Practice Teaching or practicum subject will also be next semester.  Decisions, decisions and more decisions to make.

I wanna decide based on how I feel physically – now.  Tired and pretty much exhausted.  But I’m also thinking about the eternal implications of my choices.  Lord, You alone know.  Of course, I’d love to hear You tell me “go ahead, stop teaching” but I wanna hear Your decision.

What do you think?

P.S.- Since I’m trying to avoid thinking about the decisions to make, I’d rather surf the net for another James Rollins’ book.  And oh, I stumbled across two very fascinating blogs while I was checking out my pinterest.  The Atlantic-Pacific and Bess Friday’s Photoblog.  You should check them out.  I’ve never seen outfits like Atlantic-Pacific’s and wedding and portrait photos like Bess Friday’s. :))

Here are some of the photos from Atlantic-Pacific and Bess Friday…

I super love the necklace!

image from here

interesting combo!


i literally exclaimed "waah" with envy at this get-up

check this outfit here

brightly colored

seen here

i love the modern audrey hepburn-ish look.


and Bess Friday’s photos…


via this post on Bess Friday



16 thoughts on “crossroads

  1. wow atz, i love this post – reading the dilemma, the abiding woman list and looking at the photos. actually i was really thinking, i need a fashion consultant (really now riz?) so i’ll check out that blog. hahaha. about your dilemma, naku! i think about quitting my job every week, sometimes every day. you read my blog naman and you know I’m also having a hard time. In fact, I’m sick right now (at home). And I was also sick the other week! But God reminded me to battle it through coz He’s positioned me there for a crucial purpose this season. So I have to be more cunning in my way of attacking time and health management. So I gotta rise up again with vengeance after this sickness. As for you, I don’t know what God told you when He placed you there. Wherever He leads you, I have faith He’ll gear you up for battle. 😉 Different times we’re in diba atz?

    • haha I love your reply, Riz! you are already dressing out-of-the-box na man, Riz, but maybe you’re thinking of exploring other styles cguro. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too that God has placed me there for a purpose. I wanna give up physically but, at the same time, thinking about what God wants me to do which is really a battle between the flesh and the spirit.hehe

      amen, I agree about being in “different times”, different season right now. I guess I will have to be more proactive in terms of time management, huh, as you mentioned above.:) yeah, I read about your being sick nga. I do hope you’re well right now. May God breathe strength and grace to you and your body right now in Jesus’ mighty name!:)

    • BTW Riz, when you do get that pair of heels, post an outfit post ha – the green heels with the dark denim blazer. 😉 that blog and the are interesting resources for working women like us. naks!

      • it’s actually a green denim blazer atz, similar to the green on your wallpaper here. 😛 i’m not sure about getting green pumps but haha who knows. i’ll post d blazer tho so u can see it. 😀

    • huh? you? Mitz, kanindot na nimo’g outfits! I even loved last sunday’s outfit. the Madden shoes with the outfit niya ha.:))

      Riz, I’ll wait for that green blazer post ha. I tried looking for that Pastor Jerome sermon in your site but couldn’t find it.:)

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