a very special day!

We had a very wonderful day in one of our parents’ farm up, up and away in the lush, rolling, green mountains of Cebu. 🙂 Oh, how the kids loved it! The Special Day was designed by the school administration as an activity where busy parents spend half a day with their kids WITHOUT a yaya (nanny) or a sibling.  That’s the whole point of the Special Day though some parents still had their drivers and yayas in tow but it still went fine.  It was quite a day.  The kids and the adults had fun exploring the tree house, walking around to see the farm’s produce like basil, chives, Taiwanese pechay, beans to cite a few.

After the tour, the little ones enjoyed making their pizzas.  The parents were able to bond and spend a few hours with each other and got to know their fellow parents better.  Thank You, Jesus, for clear skies and Mr. Sun.:)

Have a wonderful week filled with God’s blessings and His sweet presence!  Hope you guys had a great first day of the week! 🙂


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