Pinoy Fish Soup

One of my family’s all-time fave food for dinner is the Filipino fish soup also known as Tinowang Isda (Sauteed Fish Soup) in Cebuano.  My dad found out that Shoemart (SM) Cebu’s Supermarket sells fishy cut ends for less than half the original price.  Fish prices are surprisingly very high here in Cebu city.  Ironic, I know, for an island province.  A kilo for one of the stone fish species like the parrot fish costs around P400.00 in the supermarket.  But with daddy’s discovery of cut ends sold in the grocery, it is sold at P150.00 only.  It’s sold cheap because the only parts left are the heads and tails of species like the tangigue, lamon-lamon and the mahi-mahi.

My mom cooks this (the fish soup) by sauteing garlic, onions, ginger and tomato before putting the fish in.  She puts the fish after a few minutes of sauteing and pours two to three cups of water and a drop or two of kalamansi (lemonsito) juice.  The non-leafy vegetables like the eggplant, sword pepper (sili espada), and string beans are added into the soup after sauteing the spices.  The whole process of cooking tinowa takes less than 30 minutes.  She then adds the leafy green vegetables like the kangkong or the camote tops before serving the soup.  Note:  This should be eaten while it is hot.  🙂

Here’s a look at the fish soup we love eating for dinner! 🙂 I’ve even included some photos of mais or maize – the Cebuanos’ alternative to rice from corn grits.

This mais bugas (Cebuano) was what the Cebuanos ate during times of famine and rice was scarce.

tonight though we didn't have green, leafy vegetables


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