happy weekend: favorite pins and etsy

I’m a simple gal.  It only takes a little to make me happy.  Just a visit to the local National Bookstore to see all those vibrantly colored pens, papers and scrapbook materials is guaranteed to make me one smiling, happy gal.  A Boston Kreme from Dunkin Donuts is also one of my happy pills!  Coffee or dinner/lunch dates with friends and, sometimes, with my classmates in my Education class who have become my friends are something I look forward to.  Our almost every-Sunday family dinners in Banawa is one of my precious moments since I always enjoy the company of my sister, my bro-in-law and their kids.  Sunday dinners are times of never-ending updates and discussions of how our week went.  I delight in the kids’ excited shrieks and hugs whenever they see Lolo-Dad, Lola-My and Auntie Yen.  Another favorite is breakfast and dinner with my parents and my aunt at home before and after class hours.  That’s because I eat lunch in school from Monday to Saturday.  Just some of my favorite things.:)

Tonight, while I was bloghopping and checking out Pinterest, I stumbled on Fabric Shoppe and Etsy.  Weeh!  I found a lot of happy, creative, eye-popping treats.  What a way to end this day!  And oh, have I mentioned that sometimes the only way to stop being stressed and down and out is to just let go, give it to God and remember that we’re not in control here.  He’s in charge and He’s never made a mistake.  That’s better than the best back-up plan, right?

Here are some of the happppyyyyy images that made me smile tonight…

What a wonderful set of rules! Lovett!

{from Jody Row’s pinterest}

uniquely inspiring!

{via here}

this really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

{prophetic? hahaha via here from another couple}

my favorite things! i love looking at colorful fabrics!

{from Etsy}

And oh, aside from my favorite things, the BEST thing that ever happened to me was and is JESUS.


Selah. What do you think?

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