my happy weekend! {God-treats}

I prayed.  I asked God for a break.  He answered with August 06, 2011.  Cebu Province Charter Day holiday.  What a bbbbeautiful day! Slept in until 11 in the morning.  Woke up to find two messages from my good friend, Mitzil, asking if we could have lunch at kfc! Weeh! God truly grants us our desires even the most mundane ones.  He truly gave me a break from the busyness of work and my STC assignments.

After a filling lunch at kfc, we decided to hang out and talk more at Starbucks I.T. Park.  The Red Velvet cake was absolutely sinful!  The cream cheese icing was so rich that its taste was imprinted on my palate even after a day or two.  The sweetness of the red velvet and the icing was enough to make you crave for another slice.   Even until today I’m still thinking about it.  And oh by the way, I forgot to mention that paired with really good coffee, it can really leave an ecstatic smile on your face just like the one I had last Saturday. 🙂

Photo taken by my friend Mitzil 🙂


2 thoughts on “my happy weekend! {God-treats}

  1. uy tzi do you know that that velvet cake is a one off promo sa starbucks?? i’m so sad i wasnt able to taste it.. taman nalang ko tan-aw sainyo picture! hmph!

    • Hi Mitchikiko! Oh, i didn’t know that! I’m still planning to get one more slice of that heavenly cake ra ba untah. Didn’t know it was just for a season. huhuhu Hapit na jud ang 9.11. 🙂

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