happy weekend! {teaching thoughts}

If you’re a teacher you can probably relate with me on this.  Have you ever wondered – while you’re giving a lecture and looking at your students listen to you some with feigned attentiveness, some with real attention on your subject and some not caring at all about the subject – how to get them to go beyond the subject and relate it to life?  This week, the same question kept running through my mind “Lord, how do I teach these college students to love this nation?”  Tonight while I was typing those words another line haunted me:  “Lord, does my life and teaching lead my students to You?”  This question started coming back to me after I read an online article about Finding God in the Classroom in a Christian education website.

Lord, I want to put a smile on Your face by my teaching.  Help me to connect with these students and to leave an eternal legacy to them not just about History but moreso about You and the things that really matter.

By the way, I love the movie Freedom Writers.  I got to watch it again this morning in my Educ class and it still moved me to tears.  I want to be a teacher who can touch hearts and bring them to God and impart a love for this nation.  I believe with all my heart that it is only when hearts are changed by God that this nation will see change and real development.  So Lord, give me eyes and wings though I know much of the battle will first have to be won on my knees.


2 thoughts on “happy weekend! {teaching thoughts}

  1. one thing i’ve noticed in really effective people is passion. God must’ve wired us in such a way that everytime we see/hear someone do something passionately — kanang real passion jud, its like a switch turned on from within. it makes us come alive. passion awakens something inside of us, the hearers (see-ers?lol).. and the funny thing is, the doer, theyre not even thinking about the hearers, theyre just enthralled with the object of their passion themselves. anyway, im not sure i said that correctly or kung understandable ba ako point. lol,

    but go tzi! pour your passions in what you do coz i know you believe in it, your students will surely catch it jud like a virus. the teacher that impacted my life most is not even nice and creative, he bopped us on the heads with cartolina everytime we missed a line of shakespeare, but he knew and loved his craft well jud mao even if he’s gone and high school was a long time ago, he still lives kay kami iya mga na-students still love english literature.

    • Thank you, Mitchikiko! Yeah, we were asked last saturday in our Educ class what trait attracted us to our favorite teachers and many chose passion jud. 🙂

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