dream post: gowns

Okay, so anyone reading this blog knows that I still dream of getting married.  You know like the one in the movies.  Girl meets an unexpected guy in the most unexpected of circumstances and off they marry with the lady in a lovely dress and with eyes only for each other.  Okay, that’s the stuff for the movies.  Sometimes, though, another story happens in real life.  One that you might not even have thought or imagined of.  I don’t know how my story will turn out to be but I found these dresses in the web while I was blog-hopping.

I love this Princess cut gown!

{gown from LemonandLavender}

Monique Lhuillier gown similar to Lea Salonga's

{I love the demure and conservative yet classic style of this gown}

{I love the fall of this Monique Lhuillier Spring 2010 gown}

A swarovski crystal belted Monique Lhuillier gown

{I was surfing Glitter Guide’s tumblr when this caught my eye.  O-ho-ho, Monique Lhuillier gowns always catch my eye.}

Hmm, so I guess the next step is praying for the groom. hahaha!  🙂 But wait, I just remembered that Lea Salonga and Rebecca St. James got married when they were 33 years old.  Hmm…Okay, Lord, I guess I’ll have to wait.  🙂


5 thoughts on “dream post: gowns

  1. i know right?! the lea salonga gown? i love it too! it’s so good to see your comment here again, Mitch! I miss you! As if dili ta ka twitter!hihi

    • the second one, katong nag-ingkod siya sa sofa. ay the three pictures are one and the same gown diay? hahaha.. yes, its good to be back! i just havent had the willpower (tapulan!) to open my blog again. lol. see you next next week!

      • yup! they’re one and the same gown, different poses.:) yay! it’ll be back then? i’m excited! i keep checking it biya but it’s still locked. looking forward to next week then!

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