my so called organized life


{Who says organizing can be drab? Got this from here}

Okay, I’m sharing these ‘coz maybe it’ll help you too.  I downloaded these forms since this semester…

  • I’ll be teaching preschoolers in the morning;
  • some computer classes and creative writing in some afternoons during the week’
  • one Philippine History class for college students’
  • prepare lessons for my Bible study ladies;
  • go to school during Saturdays (whole day as in the whole day) as a DPE student;
  • some other commitments on the side (volunteering).

Whew!  So Lord, help me to organize my day, my week, my month and my sem.  I want You to lead me.  🙂 

P.S. – I had a joyful, fruitful and blessed day today.  Thank You.


Check out more organizer forms at Get Buttoned Up.  They look so colorfully yummy!

And here’s a monthly spending form that’s easy on the eyes, too.



4 thoughts on “my so called organized life

  1. Hi! Wow you got one busy life there! I’m amazed at how you still find time to share these utterly cute printables! Thank you. And thanks too for dropping by my blog and joining the giveaway. It was fun having you girls around 🙂


    • Hi Mikka! Thanks for dropping by! I love reading your posts. Little Mischka is so adorable! I admire how you’ve made Mischka your partner in almost everything that you do. I am sure she will never forget that and you’ll reap great rewards as a mom and parent. Kudos!

  2. Even though I’m retired, I still have so much to do. My greatest enemy is wasting time. When I was working long hours, I made sure that every minute outside my job counted because I didn’t have many minutes to spare. I’m going to look up those forms. Maybe they could be useful to someone like me, too. Salamat, Yen!

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