Blessed weekend!

Hard Things. Just Do It. by Alex and Brett Harris

He's a Mighty Warrior

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Life is not perfect.  One day it can be full of sunshine and happy thoughts, the next day full of drizzles and puddles.  Still, whether it’s sunshine or the drizzles, there is still One thing that remains constant:  Jesus and His unfailing love.

This morning, everyone was out of sorts and totally shaken when we got to work and found something shocking and “violating”, so to speak.  Thank God no one got hurt but everyone felt distraught and violated.

But God.  But God showed me another side of it.  Through that incident we forgot about our personality differences and quirks and set them aside to focus on the situation.  Our boss was also grace under pressure at its best.

M., thank you for your example.  Lord, thank You that You are still in control.  Everything happens for a reason.  So use everything to bring You glory. ♥

Life is beautiful when you have Jesus.  Happy weekend gurls!

Cupcake photos really make me smile!

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5 thoughts on “Blessed weekend!

    • Hi journeytoepiphany! Nope, I haven’t been to one though my siblings and I have copies of their books. I’m not sure if they’ve already had a conference here in the Philippines. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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