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A Mischmashed Life

I’ve always loved reading fashion blogs and stuff about arts and crafts and anything for kids since I teach preschoolers in a school somewhere in the metro.  I’m not a mom yet nor am I married but I stumbled on this very interesting, inspiring, lighthearted and love-filled (as described by one of her blog friends) site called A Mischmashed Life.

It’s a good example of parenting in style {literally}.  I’ve learned so many things just by reading her posts that I’ve stopped visiting the fashion blog I once followed religiously for a good couple of months and switched to reading her constantly updated site, voraciously reading her previous posts.  She’s one prolific writer, stylist and savvy businesswoman rolled into one!  But I think the highlight of the blog is this über chic mom’s sidekick:  her super adorable daughter, Mischka who reminds me of the kids in my class and my beloved niece, Anna. 🙂

Anna and the Queen

my favorite pic of the lovely Princess Anna and the Queen 🙂

Check out her First Year Anniversary Give-away!  It looks interestingly yummy!  One Mikka Padua pouch up for grabs!

Phoebe Envelope Cluth in Rainbow colors by Mikka Padua


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