Most of the things in the Kingdom do not necessarily start out by feeling but by the Word of God.  Remember how God created the world and you and me?  Or how the Word became flesh so He could dwell among us?  Words have so much power.

Tonight, I told God that even if I might not feel the emotions of what He told me to do, I will obey because He is more important than how I feel.  Will I let how I feel get in the way of God and my relationship with Him?  I realize that I’d have to give up this issue so that there won’t be any obstacle between me and my Jesus.

Jesus is worth it all.

{via Heisworthitall@tumblr}

He honors our obedience; knows how frail we are.  His grace is indeed sufficient.  And you know what, there is always grace and forgiveness at the throne room.  That and love, mercy, healing and life. (:


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    • Hmm…I wrote this as a note to self to worship God even if the conditions and circumstances around me may not be exactly how I want them to be. As to going with the flow, that’s what my Mom keeps telling me to go with the flow (with God’s Holy Spirit) so life will be easier. 🙂

Selah. What do you think?

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