teaching style

loose skirt by Mango

Ever since Ms. D invited me to teach one History subject at STC, I couldn’t help but be excited

to shop for teaching clothes again.  That was one of the favorite things I looked forward to when I was

teaching college students almost ten years ago.  Teaching clothes!  I can’t wait to don those old-fashioned skirts and blouses with high heels again.

Teaching preschoolers had me wearing my high heels only on weekends since wanting to look tall-er and good are not exactly good reasons to wear them especially when you think about the probability of you stepping on those cute li’l toes.

Starting this June though, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4 in the afternoon, I guess I’ll have to shed off my ballet flats and slip on that high heels and knee-length skirts (since it’s a school run by nuns) as I mold older kids’ minds to know more about their heritage and Philippine social realities.

Gray Bird's Eye Skirt by Zara

I’m excited.  Ms. D sent me an SMS early this morning if I was available to meet the new dean tomorrow morning.  🙂  I’ve to finish that course outline by next week as school starts on the 13th of June while my preschool classes start next month on the 6th.  It’ll probably be a challenge teaching 2.5 – 3.5 year olds the whole week and teaching teenagers twice a week in the afternoons.  Now how’s that for super adjustment? 😉

Black Sheath Skirt by Zara


P.S. – It may seem crazy  but I’ve always hated looking like a teacher.  For the longest time I dressed up in total opposition to the epitome of the conservative schoolmarm.  Oh well, I guess, one has to accept that teachers do need to look conservative and sharp at the same time.  But I still won’t say goodbye to bright colors and instead I’ll just mix and match them with muted and neutral colors to get that teachery look without looking like a neon sign inside the classroom.

Jonathan Saunders Padbury Striped Skirt

Moschino Ruched Linen Blend Skirt

Chinti and Parker striped organic cotton skirt

*Skirts from Zara Philippines, Mango Philippines and Net-a-Porter websites


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