weekly musings

I just got home from a weekly bible study with a good friend.  We became friends while we were still in grade school.  Along with 8 other girls, we became a clique.  Fast forward to today, it was last January when I sent her and another good friend of mine an SMS asking them if they would like to have a bible study.  I was pleasantly surprised when they said “yes” given their schedules.  So I meet A. on Monday nights while I meet R. every Sunday afternoon.

I am in awe at what He is doing in their lives.  It still amazes me how God shows Himself and teaches them His ways even without my help.  I pray that these women would seek more of God themselves, run after Him and really know how truly worthy He is.

I guess this is probably the reward of those who have bible study groups and cell groups:  seeing the people in that group seeking God on their own, relating to Him even without you telling them and having a deep hunger for the things of God.

Now I know why God gave me 2 Cor. 5:17 as my verse this week.  New things.  New eyes to see what He is doing.  New depths of worship that I haven’t experienced before.  I know God is taking me to a new land, a new kind of experience and a new revelation.  He truly makes all things new!  This is a new thing for me – this feeling of being happy for those in my bible study group.  It’s no longer about having a ministry or doing things for God but understanding His heart for people and what He wants for them.  No longer focused on the doing and acting but what He is after for:  our hearts.

This season, I am asking for a new and deeper revelation of worship.  Understanding and Revelation, Jesus.  Thank You.  Love You, Lord.

P.S. – His presence makes my heart more tender towards my enemies and more excited to follow His Word.  So I guess this is the secret, huh, Jesus.:)  The cat’s out of the bag.


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