unraveling realities

A Freshly Pressed post caught my eye as I logged in today.  The one written by a mom in pajamas about the lessons her daughter learned from gymnastics.  I clicked on her post and I was hooked!  I checked out her site and links and, interestingly, found a beautiful post about her husband and a link to her mom’s blog.  I loved the freshness of their writing, the transparency and how they’ve crafted their posts writing about heartwarming, important stuff about life, love, marriage and relationships.  I wish I could write that way – open, sincere, not hiding anything at all.

While reading pajama’s post about her husband, I couldn’t help but sigh and exclaim, “I wish I could write that way about heart issues and stuff!” to which my sassy, young co-teacher replied “You can write about your (not-so-happy) experiences too, Teach, because a lot of readers can connect with things like that, too.”  Hmm, I’ll think about it.  Think hard.

It still is a challenge to unravel the realities of how I really feel in the inside here in this blog though I know that the ones who visit this site are some of the people I’m most comfortable with.


2 thoughts on “unraveling realities

  1. I clicked on your blog site after reading the comment made on my post, and I’m so glad I did! And you found me by reading my daughter’s post on Freshly Pressed and are now a fan of hers! Isn’t blogging wonderful? I love making the connections. And I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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