It’s been awhile since I’ve written something here.  The summer camp and my STC summer class have really taken a big portion of my time and I usually end up dead- and bone-tired when I get home.  So I just surf around instead of willing my brain to work to churn out words in this blog.

But tonight is different.  I just sent two SOS messages to two good friends of mine.  One here (a former workmate) and one not from here.  I just feel a li’l bit challenged with something that I’ve been asking God to take away.

The only line that I prayed tonight was…”I would give anything just for You to take this away.  Give me eyes and wings what to do, Jesus.”

It still is one step at a time, every day.


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  1. atc!! i miss your posts.. everyday, i check on your blog baya kay basin nagwrite ka… 🙂 instead of asking God to take it away, how about asking God to heal the wounds? we are relational beings baya mao we will always get hurt.. i’ve been doing this na baya karon and am not stopping in asking for healing until i can look certain people straight in the eye and not flinch! hahaha.. just my two cents. 😀

    • 🙂 hahaha thank you, mitch! it’s not two cents but two million cents’ worth. thank you very much for the advice. it’s still an everyday choice. 🙂

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