tender hearts, tender mercies

I know, that for a time, I believed this: that sometimes the men of the world treat women better than the ones in church but I was wrong.  God showed me otherwise.

Godly men may not be perfect but they fear God and they listen to Him.  By that, I mean that even if they fail they are humble to ask forgiveness from God and then from the people they have wronged and are willing to repent. 

They have tender hearts towards the Holy Spirit that allow God to speak the truth into their hearts. 

I know Lord that when you’ve ordained the time for me and my husband to meet, you have prepared us well by going through the little deaths every day, rising from every fall and stumble and the constant “letting goes” to borrow Elisabeth Elliot’s lines.  You have the best for me – whether it is marriage or a life of singleness.  My heart and my life are Yours.  You know my innermost desires.  They are not hidden from You. 

Still, you have the last say.

Marriage is a union of two imperfect individuals brought together by a perfect God, a loving Father who seeks the best for both of them. –mine


Selah. What do you think?

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