grateful heart bunnies


Why bunnies?  I love the word bunny ‘coz, first, it is sometimes what I call my kids as a term of endearment.  Second, I’ve always associated it with something cute, makes you smile and happy on the inside.

My heart is grateful, thankful, blessed that God chose me to teach kids.  When I look back on my journey in becoming a teacher, it was messy, hard and full of fire (so to speak) because I ran away.  Little did I know that when God calls you to do something, there is joy and an unbearable lightness of being to borrow Milan Kundera’s title. 🙂  I’ve made lots of mistakes this first year but received a thousand blessings more than I could ever have prayed for or dreamt of.:)  One thing is for sure.  I am grateful Mariles and Teacher M. gave me the privilege and the chance to teach these young kids.  I’m not perfect but I’m learning.  Learning every day by grace and by love.

Three weeks from now my kids will finally move up to a higher level.  It is bittersweet.  Jazz was right.  The first batch is always special.  With them, you learn from your worst mistakes (though I’m sure there’ll be more learning) and celebrate your best moments.  One day you’ll find them cute and maybe the next moment their “challenging” behavior won’t look that cute at all.  A kid may pull your hair without reason except to tease you and the next minute they give you a warm hug and say “I love you, Teacher.”

Nevertheless, I have learned so much from these kids and from T.M. and M.L.  🙂  I’m trying not to think about the fact that next year, I won’t be smiling, greeting and hugging them at the door as we welcome them to class every day ‘coz they’ll be in the next classroom.

I won’t have Z. climbing up my back when I sit on the floor to put on So.’s shoes.

Won’t have Se.’s “Teacher, let me smell your coffee” with his chinky eyes turning into slits.

Won’t have Ma. sitting on my lap when it is story time and Teacher M. is reading a wonderful story that even I am enthralled.

I miss A. right now who is in Manila. I miss her questions and I will always remember that time I sprayed her mosquito repellent on my eyes because I turned the spray in the wrong direction.

I will miss J.K.’s tales about going fishing and putting the worm in a hook and catching a fish with it after he saw G.E.’s gummy worms.  Or that “dinosaur lechon manok” 🙂

And with that, Za. joins our conversation that he caught a big fish yesterday and that he just played bowling that morning. *wink!*

Of course, I will miss G.E.’s princessy skirt and hugs with a jump and her “Teacher, I love your shoes!”

And So.’s twirling and pirouetting on the mat peppered with “I’m a ballerina, Teacher!”

Or the thought that I won’t see Ga.’s drawings of lizards (big and small) and her big round eyes that brighten with a smile when she likes the story you just read.

Hah, and who can forget Ja. with his hand on his hips and saying “No” when you tell him to put on his Crocs so he can play outside.  And when you tell him “Okay, don’t put it on.”  He will quickly put it on instead.  ??? 😉

And of course, I will miss my U. who threw a wooden block at me during my second day and who I struggled with to forgive for almost a month but who has become my beloved student now.  An unforgettable one who loves to spank Teacher’s butt, run off and look at you with a teasing smile and who gives you warm, big hugs every day and wants to be carried no matter how heavy he is.  I will miss U. for sure.



2 thoughts on “grateful heart bunnies

    • Can I like a comment? LOL! thank you, Jazz. this is all God. it’s really a God-thing. all i know is that i am here because He has been merciful, good and gracious to me. 🙂

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