God and my tooth

Tolerating pain isn’t really my cup of tea.  That much was proved last Friday as I sent an SMS to my boss, Mariles, and Ms. Joan (our secretary) at 3am to inform them that I was gonna be absent that day as my toothache was unbearable.

God spoke to me about pain through that experience.  I have a low tolerance for pain and will easily get dizzy at the sight of blood.

I went to the dentist that day to have one of my molars extracted.  As Tito Jun gently injected the anesthesia I could feel myself stiffen on the chair.  He told me to relax.  I was only able to calm down when I prayed “Lord, Holy Spirit, please help me.  I’m scared.  My mom’s not here and I feel alone but you are with me.”  I began to feel myself loosen up.  Thankfully, the dentist (Nap’s uncle) was good and my molar was extracted with the help of the anesthesia and the Holy Spirit.

But that experience taught me something about going through painful experiences.  I have a tendency to cushion myself from life’s painful stuff.  I block people I don’t wanna see.  I avoid them if I’ve issues with them instead of facing them head on.  But God, but God.  I love this line.  God walked me through the pain and held me.  I learned that day that we can’t really escape from pain but GOD WILL HOLD US BY THE HAND.  In my case last Friday, He held my hand while I was sitting on the dental chair as Doctor Jun pulled out my tooth.

Likewise, I know that, one day, I will totally be healed from a painful memory I am still in the process of overcoming.  It’s almost 80% over but I am praying for the 100% healing.  I know, in God’s time and faithful dealings, it will be.  So, I’m going to turn over my props and defenses to God and trust Him to protect me.  It ain’t easy but I want to take a step of faith that God will once again sit with me and hold my hand on that “dental chair.”

He gave me the passage “The battle is the Lord’s” almost a week ago now and I am holding on to that.  MY JESUS IS FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE WHAT HE STARTED IN YOU AND IN ME.


Selah. What do you think?

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