Teaching to change lives

the undergrads with Mommy Beth A.

I still remember the first thought that came to my mind the moment I first stepped into Room 301.  “Oh my, they don’t look like would-be-teachers at all.  I like this group!”  I felt that I had really made the right to choice to enroll that semester.  I learned so much from Ms. D, Ms. L. and from my wacky, highly creative and dynamic classmates.  They had this passion for teaching and excellence that is so contagious and admirable.  We were quite a diverse bunch but we jelled together inspite of our differences.  I admired a lot of my classmates who had a lot of spunk and who were outspoken and learned to appreciate those that were different from me, too.

My teaching and my sked have never been the same since I enrolled in the program.

Kudos to the Class of 2011! 🙂

the Graduates with Ms. D

the undergrads with the inspiring Ms. D

Mitch, Yen, Kate & Kasumi


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