peace on my pillow :)

This is my season’s theme song. This morning, I woke up at past 2am and could not stop thinking about the Lord and the preaching last night – about God walking with us whenever we go through the fire. I felt such awesome peace and comfort that I thought I could stay there forever (like Starfield’s song).  Oh what joy it is to wake up in His presence and to stay in His arms.  AW! I remember now that He gave me that verse about “when I wake up I will see your likeness and be satisfied.”  WOWEE! I just remembered that passage He gave me almost two to three days ago.

Jesus, I love You!


2 thoughts on “peace on my pillow :)

  1. did ptr jo preach atong sunday afternoon as well? oh i love it!! “fire is made for walking in. you gotta learn to walk through the fire coz there’s always the Fourth man walking with you!”

    “the purpose of the fire is to loose the cords that bind you!”


    good to see you in cebu atzi!! even if igo ra ta nag hello and bye bye. hahaha…

    • Twas Happy, mitch, but she got the same word diay and it was confirmed when Pstr JoDi preached it, too. I so like it, Mitch. Nakahilak gud ko. Pareho ta. I love the one about the fire breaking off the cords that bind us, too. 😉

Selah. What do you think?

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