Who is man?

And why are You mindful of Him, Lord?

You know the number of strands of my hair (and they are a lot, I know). I am wonderfully loved.

Even in my failures, weaknesses, triumphs and quirks, You can still make them work for my good.  Imagine that.  What comes to my mind is a pot full of boiling water with everything that tastes good and bad in it yet it still tastes yummy when You serve it.  Now that is far from what I can comprehend. 🙂  But I love it just the same.  I don’t have to understand it.

sorry, i'm not into flower power salads...

Take home message after cellgroup meeting tonight:  We are special to God.  Inspite of man’s fallen state, God’s imprint and His image (imago Deo) remained in us.  Whoa!  That blew me. 

I love You, Jesus.  Yes, I really do and I am a million things grateful for You and who You are.  I just wanna write it here and shout it out in this world wide web. 


Selah. What do you think?

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