two hands up!

Woo-hee! Woo-hee!!! And breakthrough came this weekend.  Not with a bang nor with fireworks but by choice.  God honors our choice to obey Him and honor His word. Selah. Thank You, Jesus.


I loved the movie “Lost Valentine” produced by Hallmark.  I cried and sobbed while watching this film about enduring love, patiently waiting and trusting that “everything is in God’s hands.”


It’s renewal and evaluation time here in DC! 😉  My STC classes are giving me quite a challenge.  I’ve had to give up my Sunday School as I’m practically running out of energy on a Sunday morning after all the Saturday hectic sked.

Jazz! Here are some of our Art Exhibit pix.

I obviously adore this kid! one of my faves!

with our adorable A

Don't they look hilariously cute? 😉

Foil Art under our room's canopy

our wacky birds & their bird feeders

Our mini pond

delighted parents


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