severe mercies

I’ve been studying the word “mercy” ever since T. Jane and I were talking about something and she shared about her theo classes at BTS (Baptist Theological Seminary).  Her words struck me very much like the sword the Bible is really known to be.

J:  T. Yen, we’re studying about mercy last week… And you know di ba it’s something we don’t deserve.  Something we ought not to have but is given to us that we don’t deserve.  If God weren’t merciful we would have been wiped out long ago but it’s His mercy, His lovingkindness that holds us.


Me:  (thinking:  Whoa! Lord, even here in school, you won’t relent from teaching me about being merciful, huh.  I think I’m starting to get it.)

mercy ~ (A) ~ God’s love to people; when he does not remember the bad things that we do.

mercy ~ (A) ~ to be kind when you do not have to be kind.

(mine:  when you don’t want to be kind to a person who has hurt you)

mercy ~ (A) ~ when we are kind and help a person who does wrong; we do it to show that God loves them.

mercy ~ (B) ~ the love that God shows when he forgives.

Oh, Lord.  Help me to be merciful.  What T. Jane said yesterday and the dream You gave me last night has set my mind and heart on the way You want me to take.  I need a thousand helps, please, Lord Jesus.

Site Credit:  Easy English


Selah. What do you think?

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