NO FB: private, different & tangled


Definition: uncoventional, free-sprited person

Well, the non-conformist and privacy freak in me strikes again.  FYI, my FB account is non-existent at the moment.  Lots of reasons to be exact.  One of them, though, is the privacy issue.  Ironic, huh, for someone writing her thoughts on a public WordPress blog.  It’s just that only a number know about this blog so it’s safe.

Second, I want to see if a 21st century person can survive and go through life without a social network.  Everything’s connected, right, but I want to check if I can still live and enjoy life sans my FB account.  I still have plans of making a new account but a very private one but not for now.  To be honest about it, I kinda enjoy this time without my account.

tangled, private & different

As for that non-conformist thing, I’ve decided to grow my hair long with its curls and I had it colored a week ago.  One day I just woke up and realized that there were too many girls with straight hair.  So I had my hair really layered and colored that John Famoso calls it Rapunzel’s Tangled ‘do when it was cut while Nap likens it to Kate the Wolf’s hair in Alpha & Omega. LOL! It’s okay as long as it’s different.

Oh, well, then again maybe these are just issues and whatever.  🙂

Pictorials were postponed last Friday because of the we had one in the classroom instead 🙂

with my "favorite"

all the cuties with Teachers


9 thoughts on “NO FB: private, different & tangled

  1. hahahahaha… when im in my wild and curly mood (or mostly tinapulan. lol.), i dont comb my hair for weeks tzi.. to enhance the curls. and when i want to be high maintenance, i blowdry it straight! mao na imo hair now kanang sa picture tzi? i like it! mabuhay ang mga kulot! hahaha..

      • ngek.. hahaha… nope, i dont comb it.. kung tangled na kaayo ayha pako manudlay. hehe. i just scrunch it every morning and put a little curling mousse. and may man ang layered sa kulot coz magkashape cya..

      • i haven’t found a curling mousse in the supermarket. i only found a curling lotion and di kaayo nice ang effect so i’m stuck to using baby oil.:)

    • 🙂 you know what, riz? i was looking through your home page ‘coz i was looking for the About Me page ‘coz i wanted to comment that i liked your hair now. the full bangs is so 2011.:) naunahan mo ako mag comment about the hair.

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