in His hands

This week the word about trusting God became so imprinted in my heart as God spoke to

me through different circumstances.  One aspect of trusting God which particularly struck me is not doing anything at all in any circumstance you might be in right now.  By not doing anything, I meant just praying and giving that situation to God and trusting Him to intervene or work in your behalf – even if the answer might not be the thing you want to happen.  Still, accepting the outcome is still part of trusting Him.  The verse “they who look to Him are radiant” keeps running through my mind reminding me that “those who wait upon the Lord will not grow weary but, instead, will grow stronger.”

Last weekend, I started my first bible study session for this year with two friends of mine.   I met my HS friend in between studying for ED Tech class and preparing for a group report for Ms. Dabon’s class last Saturday morning.  The other one had to take a raincheck later in the evening as she fell asleep after tending to her newborn daughter.  It was a divine arrangement as I was also struggling with staying awake in my Dev. Reading class as I had practically no rest the past week studying (or should I say cramming) for midterms, preparing for a group report which was postponed and the daily physical challenges from the preschool.  When I got home, I just plopped right down on the bed and fell asleep after eating.

I remember Tita Nene (my cellgroup leader and spiritual mom) telling me that when you share the word of God you don’t have to do anything or try to manipulate the person you’re sharing to because God will be the one to speak to that person through His word by the power of the Holy Spirit.  And I saw that happen last weekend and early this week with the women I’m having bible studies with and my partner teacher.  It is amazing when you see the word come alive and really see for yourself that it is living and active!

I had shared the word that I got from our last cellgroup meeting with Tita Nene before she left for Dubai.  It was quite a joy to see A. and R. (these were two separate bible studies) getting touched by God.  R., with tears in her eyes, shared what she was going through. and how blessed she was with the word.  I remembered only asking God the question “Lord, what do You want to tell them?”  Until today I am still amazed at what God did and is doing.  Furthermore, R. sent me an SMS tonight that she had checked out some bibles at National Bookstore today.  I am the one more blessed by what God is doing in our midst.  He had told me “Yen, just let them see who I am and who and what I am doing in your life and in their lives” in these bible studies.   He just wants to be known; and as we know more of Jesus, we fall more deeply in love with Him who is faithful and true.

You make all things work together for my good. – Your Love Never Fails, Jesus Culture

The second treat I had this week was when my partner teacher texted me how the verses about giving a matter to God and letting Him fight for and avenge her became so real to her.  She said “it’s amazing how the verses for the month of January in an OMF devotional a friend gave her are somehow saying the whole message.  It’s as if God knows this is what I need!”   How delightful God is that He just manages to arranges verses and things for her so she can see that God knows her inside out and truly cares for her.  What’s mind-blowing is that God is slowly showing her the fruits of choosing right and how He has good plans for her through circumstances!  All I can do is shake my head in wonder!  So you know what?! The song “I’m taking the limits off…All things are possible” keeps playing in my head.  Nothing is impossible to the one who believes!  And as I’m writing this, I just received a financial miracle! Whoa!

I’ve to go as I’ve a presentation to prepare.  So in the talk tomorrow, I pray God would be glorified.  An answered prayer, a desire fulfilled…That I would get to speak to young people about God, teaching and destiny.  And what greater blessing than getting this chance to speak about all three in one sitting (or should I say standing?)?!


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