More fun under the sun!

More Bohol pix!  Take note of the pix Happy took.  They’re good.

Bohol Bee Farm Dinner - Nappy Family pic

Dumaluan Beach Resort, Bohol

The SandMan Happy and Anna made - dreadlocks daw ang hair

Sand Castle by Sam & Yen; Pic by Happy 🙂

Low Tide, DBR, Panglao Island, Bohol

Happy and I climbed up the steps of one Chocolate Hill with Sam & Anna! Nap waited for us in the waiting area in the middle

Big Happy smile for her sand castle

What big eyes you have!

Sam the Explorer

Ice Cream fun at Bohol Bee Farm

Happy and kids, DBR

Nappy, Bohol Bee Farm


5 thoughts on “More fun under the sun!

  1. nice pics yen!!! 😀 haven’t been to the bee farm yet.. unsa cya resto and naa rooms for rent for overnight stay? : ) i miss you guys all the more seeing those pics.. ^^

    • Yes, tzi. They have rooms there kay it’s a bed-and-breakfast type of thing daw. 🙂 but the resto is really pricey. nakaubo mi sa 450 each na share for the dinner.hehehe ang mga tihik mahal kay’g nabayran. i miss you too tzi!!! we miss you!

      • hahahahahaha!! maka-ubo man sad ta ana jud, hahaha.. maybe mga bees ang nag-prepare sa dinner muna’ng mahal? hihihi.. jk. anyway, yen, where can i pm you.. i noticed man gud that you and py don’t have fb accounts na.. hope everything’s okay.. love yah.. ❤

  2. yeah sure you can email us. i’ll email you happy’s email add. happy deactivated hers kay time-consuming. ako, daghan na kaayo’g tao sa FB. i like it here coz it’s safer coz kamo ra ni jazz, mitch and riza ang readers. 🙂

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