I always thought the most important thing about teaching was learning about more methods and more theories.  God showed me another way – a more excellent way: LOVE.

Please don’t get me wrong.  Methods and theories are important, too, because they’ll help you in the classroom but LOVE is the glue that binds everything we have learned about teaching, kids and the lessons we prepare.

It is love that will make you patient with a highly energetic kid who won’t stop zooming around the classroom, climbing cubby holes and hitting other classmates in the process.  It is love that will keep you praying and hoping for the best for a child whom you seem to find “different”( to put it nicely) from the rest of the group.  It is love that will make you seek to understand the kids and how one is differently wired from the other.  It is love that allows you to see them with the eyes of Jesus – with eyes of hope, faith and compassion.

Moving Up Day is almost around the corner and I marvel at how God brought me here for such a time as this.  I am the one blessed by the kids.  I’ve learned so much from them.  That’s for another post.  And I am excited for this coming Friday’s talk at CNU about teaching.  Wow, God answered one of my prayers about sharing to young people about teaching.  He is a God who grants you the desires of your heart indeed.

DC Teachers(Nursery & Junior), Kids Christmas Party, Dec 2010

Math and Language Area



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