I love Bohol!

I love the sun and sand and the way the sand glistens when the sun shines on it!

I love the LGU (local government unit) initiatives there on reducing poverty and its eco-tourism programs!

I love the long, long stretch of road where there are no potholes and how it connects one tourist spot with the other just like how the paragraphs in an essay fit together.Β  πŸ™‚

I love how its pace slowed me down over the weekend and refreshed and relaxed me.

I love Bohol!Β  I enjoyed listening to the laughter of Sam and Anna running on the white sand with the low tide waves leaving sand ripples near the shore.

Oh, how wonderful God made each of the islands here! Thank You, Jesus, for that wonderful break.

Nappy family, Dumaluan Beach Resort


Bohol Bee Farm - our first night there - We got kissed by a lot of mosquitoes!

haha how's this...i found a P100 bill underwater!!!

This is the sand castle that Happy made πŸ™‚ nice!

Nappy family & Yen @ the Blood Compact site

Sam absolutely loved the beach! He didn't want to stop swimming, este wading on the shore πŸ™‚

Happy, Yen, Sam and Anna at the Loboc Hanging Bridge - take note: i wore wedges walking on it...not a very wise choice when walking on a swinging bridge πŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “I love Bohol!

  1. yen!!! where mo dapit stay? in panglao? I LOVE BOHOL TOO!!!!! it has a certain feel to it that i love so much. the slower pace, the people, the beaches, everything!!! i love back-riding in tricycles there while just wearing t-shirts, walking shorts and beach sandals. it’s a very refreshing place to recuperate and just unwind..

    • We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort, Tzi. Yeah, you’re right, there’s a certain feel to Bohol that makes you fall in love with it. I wanna go back to try the Loboc Zipline ‘coz Nap wasn’t so thrilled about the idea of Happy and I going on it.hehe So we submit. πŸ™‚

      • oh.. dumaluan… i miss that place.. love the beach front.. it’s so wide, it seems endless.. love the sunsets there.. hope i can go back nya.. ^^

    • Happy was telling me “Tzi, lingawa diay mag himo’g sand castle uy!” I think it was our first time to make one. Siya she really took the time to finish it while Sam, Anna and I were running and skipping on the seashore. It was so much fun! And we made sand angels, too! πŸ™‚

    • hahaha tzi beth! do you know that that’s my second time to find money in the most unexpected places?! the first time was in ayala near timezone beside Cinema 1. i found P240! Nap and Happy told me to give it as an offering, though, coz luoy daw ang nawad-an. But 100 underwater is a different story!

  2. hahahaah! wow 100 pesos? wa nalata?? and wedges sa hanging bridge atzi? hahaha… that is so you πŸ˜€ fashion before comfort… or safety! hahahahah…

      • hahahaha!! wow.. pangbangka d-ay to for you guys.. : ) kung mag zipline ka yen, mag-wedges gihapon ka? heheheehhee.. : )

      • you are hilarious, tzi beth! but you’re right ‘coz the day we wanted to try out the zipline, i was wearing that pair of wedges! mag barefoot na lang ko just like what i did when i went on the first hanging bridge…nagbitbit jud intawn sa wedges…pag balik na gisuot. And Tzi, hear this, while we were almost halfway back from the second bridge, Sam was telling us “Mommy, hurry! I want to make u-ot!” He’s really funny!

  3. ay lavett atsi! πŸ™‚ i love bohol, i miss the beach, my family’s farm, the slow-paced lifestyle… πŸ™‚ thanks for being my number 1 reader! LOL love you miss you! i hope i get to find 100usd too! hahhaha….

    • lol! you are funny, jazz! si mommy jud ang naka remember that your family has a farm in bohol near tito fredit’s place daw – sagbayan? sakto siya? mao diayng ganahan mo ni tzi beth didto. maka-in love ang LGU initiatives there uy! i wish Cebu would come up with its own competitive advantage so that it will stimulate growth in the countryside like what Bohol is doing. πŸ™‚

      oh by the way, i couldn’t stop thinking about rebecca st james’ engagement. ako ang sunod. HAHAHAHAHA Dream big man kaha, Lord.hehe

      • hahahahaha.. okay.. erase na jud tong ‘about me’ nga i kissed the ‘m’ word goodbye pila ka years ago, hahahaha.. : )

  4. hahahah.. nagkatawa nalang ko nagbasa sa ako yahoo aning mga reply-a! unsa M&M? yehey! may kay insakto na M ang na kiss goodbye! hahahaha… unsa kaha letter ang sunod?

  5. !ako ang na wala kay ngano duha! hahahahaha lol! but never mind. all water under the bridge. but i couldn’t help but bahakhak jud when i read your replies. funny man mo uy!

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