covenant relationships

It’s amazzzzing how God brings people into our lives and knits our hearts with each other.  Blessings.  They can tell you the truth when it is much needed.  Understanding and acceptance are there in their eyes when you share bits of truth about you – some truths that don’t seem nice at all.  Yet you know you are loved.  Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, covenant sisters.  🙂

My beautiful sister Happy, Manila 2008


with Mitzil, Krispy Kreme MOA, August 2009

with Jazz, T. Jing's van, March 2008 (before Jazz left for the US & I left for Manila)

with Atzi Beth and Mary Ann, Ayala, Jan 2009

Cell group Christmas Party at The Port, Waterfront, December 2007

VCF Cellgroup, Conti's, 2009 -- before the 2009 Bar Exams 🙂

with my fave sibs: Jim and Happy

a covenant friend in Manila, Melds, November 2009

with Maje and Rica, Starbucks Banawa, May 2009

with Happy @ Chris-Bern's BBQ, September 2010


4 thoughts on “covenant relationships

  1. ako diay? sure ko wala lang kay picture nako.. hahahaha… joke! im just teasing you atzi. even if im not included here, i know i love you and you love me! mwah!

    • haha funny kay ka mitch! you know what i was thinking of you then realized i didn’t have a picture of you and me together. 🙂 but you’re right jud that i love you and you love me! hahahaha mwah!

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