Skirting on a Saturday

Last weekend, I had bought two new dresses from a downtown store and was showing them off to my dad.  I was feeling giddy and happy about my good finds.  Wearing one of the dresses was my original plan for this Saturday’s talk when my Dad shot down my seemingly good idea. “Respect your audience. That dress is nice but that’s not appropriate for your talk. You may be talking in a public school but they still need you looking your best.” Oh…:) That got me.

Fast forward to tonight…I believe it was the Holy Spirit who dropped that idea. Wear my black and white Memo circle skirt along with my ever dependable crisp E. white jacket and a good ole tube and heels to the talk. Voila! Approved.  But still, I couldn’t resist throwing my usual teasing replies to my Dad. “But, Dad, isn’t this too overdressed for a public school?” 😉

Daddy: “Well, if you don’t dress that way you’ll look the same as that of a public school teacher.”  Ouch! Ouch for me and for the public school teacher. He didn’t stop there. “You must show your respect to your audience with the way you dress and carry yourself.” Well said, Dad. Thanks.

But that simple exercise about dressing up taught me much about submission and honoring other people above my personal preferences. Hmm, these are the days when I miss teaching in the university.


2 thoughts on “Skirting on a Saturday

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