nation and generation

since i’ve started fasting this october there’s been quite a stirring in my spirit to intercede for the Philippines and this generation. i knew then that when that happened God had restored my dream that had died a few years ago when i quit teaching in the university. for years i agreed and said amen to preachings on reformation and praying for revival but all i could shout was amen because i agreed with them and wanted to see it happen but it never burned the same way as it is burning now today in me. i know this is God’s hand.

and not only did He restore it, He breathed new life and new hope along with the restoration of that dream. i really can see it with the eyes of my spirit that He can change this nation and HE WILL. my spiritual father, pastor joe di sarno, said last night that we must contend for the things of God and take hold of it so tightly that even if we go down, we must go down fighting for it.

i’m reading matt oliver’s “taking back the night” now and it’s like a resounding now word in my life. i’ve seen this before in my brother’s stuff and in my sister’s house but i never took the time to read it. i just browsed through it but today, God just started to stir up prayer and intercession for the young people in this nation.

every day, i take a cab to school. and almost every day, i see young people from their work at IT Park (where the call centers are) hanging out in a nearby drinking joint near their offices. bottles of red horse occupy the tables at 7:45 in the morning with young men and women probably swapping tales of calls from irate customers abroad. they’re out looking for an outlet. they’re out looking for comfort and understanding. maybe they’ve not yet even slept after work. but my heart breaks for them. today, tears came to my eyes as i passed them by. Lord, i don’t know what to do for them but my eyes are on You as the song of jason upton goes. My eyes are on You, Lord.


Selah. What do you think?

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