I have a dream

There’s a burning desire-dream in my heart today.  Although this has been in me for quite some time, this week, I’ve felt it more strongly than in the past.  I must soak this in prayer and continue to jot down the ideas that are running in my head so I can see the vision as Habakkuk wrote.

Lord, open doors that no man can shut.  I know that You can change this nation in a day.  I see it.  I believe it.  I am waiting and watching in prayer.

Last week, a very frustrated taxi driver was talking to me about the hopelessness in our nation.  For a time, I kept telling him that there were trickles of change in the government but then God stopped me and said “don’t contradict him.  You’ve never been in his shoes.”  Whoa, did that shut me up.  But God.  But God knows him, knows where he lives and what his troubles are.  And though he told me that he doubted that God could change the Philippines, I felt the Father’s love for this man, J.  God understood him.  The Father knew where he was coming from.

I marvel now at the love of the Father for us.  He totally understands us and knows us but loves us deeply.  I wanna know more of this love that understands the other person enough to keep silent and just listen and pray.  To see where that other person is coming from.


Selah. What do you think?

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