Lord, I pray…

…for a single eye.

—for an undivided heart.

***a life that is set apart for You.

+++a heart that will put You first in all things.

In Jesus’ name I pray let it be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

I was getting ready for school yesterday morning when a eureka moment just came over me.  I recalled one of the conversations that I had with a very good friend of mine, Mitzil.  At that time, all I really wanted from God was that I would know the very thing He has called me to do and my assignment here on earth.

I didn’t really notice it but He had already answered it.  It wasn’t with one big picture but it was like the way my kids in class put the puzzle pieces together – slowly, one at a time, but they sure get the picture after several tries.

I could not help but marvel at a God who answers our prayers.  And I felt excited for how He’s going to answer my one big prayer in this season – for an undivided heart for Him (Jesus) alone; a life that will joyfully and willingly follow Him even in the hard times and in the good times.

Thank You, Lord, for this answered prayer.  I am waiting in expectation.  I love You.


Selah. What do you think?

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