“Teacher Y., you are awesome.” I wasn’t really sure if the kid who wrote me that was serious or just grateful for the tokens I give out as part of our incentive system at the club where I tutor but it sure made my day. It’s funny how our hearts are easily warmed by nice and candid words like that. I think the word awesome can easily bring sunshine to a lot of people too.

Judging by the 15M++ hits of Mr. Neil Pasricha’s blog, I think most of us are just looking for that cheerful, kind word, or that unforgettable memory we want to savor, good food, good company, or perhaps, conversation that leaves you joyful, grateful of God’s goodness and makes us aware how beautiful life can be. I think deep down in our hearts we still thirst for a kind of goodness that we can taste. You know the way God’s goodness is in our lives – you can actually taste it and experience it. Most of us think that if it’s too good then it probably isn’t true.


One thought on “awesome-ness

  1. OMG. i super relate. especially with this: “Most of us think that if it’s too good then it probably isn’t true.” I was actually writing something about “too good to be true” days ago but I wasn’t able to finish it. I can relate with “awesome” too… It’s like one of the most popular word now among kids. And yeah, I teach too so I know how it feels.. Yeeee =)

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